Over one thousand new students come to BSSC annually from around 50 different schools to study VCAL or VCE.  In November all our new students for the following year as well as students continuing to Year 12 attend a week long orientation program called Step-Up.

Step-up focuses on students developing familiarity with the college and selected subjects, showing all students what BSSC has to offer.

Step-up commences with an assembly in the Ulumbarra theatre on Wednesday 23 November for new students, followed by a range of activities throughout the day designed for students to build familiarity with the college.

“From Thursday 24 November all students attend their 2017 classes for a week until Wednesday 30 November,” says Pathways and Transition Manager Simon Wood.

“By attending their 2017 classes during Step-up students ensure they are in the right program for a successful 2017.”

Tom Floyd will be Stepping Up to Year 12 in 2017 and knows the importance of a good start to the year.

“Participation in Step-Up is very important as it lays the groundwork for a positive start to your studies,” Tom says. “I was able to make sure that I had chosen the right subjects and would be able to cope with the workload of doing six subjects.”

There will be a limited opportunity to make subject changes on Thursday 1 and Friday 2 December.  If a subject change seems necessary, parents/carers and the student must make an appointment on Compass after 9 am on Friday 25 November.

If you have questions about changing subjects or BSSC’s Step-Up program, please contact the college on 5443 1222.