James Merlino, State Minister for Education, dropped in unexpectedly to rehearsals of this year’s BSSC school production, Almost Maine. He later delighted performing arts students by admitting that he had thoughtlessly said ‘Good luck’ to a group of students rehearsing for their school production.

“In fact,” he said, “I should have used the Italian equivalent of ‘break a leg’:In bocca al lupo’. This phrase, he explained, means ‘In the wolf’s mouth’ and is usually responded to with: crepi il lupo’, “which means: may the wolf kick the bucket!”

More seriously, the Minister affirmed that the Arts are, “a really strong focus of our Government,” and assured students of a world-first plan to set parameters to encourage and support excellence in the Arts in Victorian Education.

As well as meeting performing arts and music students, the Minister also met hospitality students, Student Council, and spoke with Caitlin Allman who described some of what BSSC offers its students.

The Minister inspected the building upgrade being undertaken in the Alexander Wing and was briefed by project managers and staff about the progress of the works.