Six young film-lovers have been offered an incredible opportunity thanks to Star Cinema in Eaglehawk.

A small group of BSSC students have been selected to become Star Cinema Ambassadors and will receive special passes allowing them free entry to any film for the rest of the year.

In return, students will write film reviews and provide members of Star Cinema’s board with feedback about the venue and program from a young person’s perspective.

Martin Myles, Business Manager at the cinema, met with the ambassadors yesterday to discuss the concept of the program.

“We want to foster a love of the cinema experience for people in your age group,” he explained.

“Watching a film alone is one thing—watching a film from a comfy couch as a shared experience in an historic community theatre is a whole different vibe.”

Year 12 Media student, Jacob, is delighted to become an ambassador for Star and says studying at BSSC has helped give him an even greater appreciation for what goes into filmmaking.

“I really love analysing films and looking into the ideas directors are trying to portray.”

Jacob and other cinema-loving students are looking forward to touring the facilities and sharing their thoughts with Martin and his team.

“We want to hear how you feel when you walk into the venue,” Martin says. “Your likes, dislikes, what we can improve—your ‘fresh eyes’ on what it’s like to attend Star Cinema.”

This is the second year of collaboration between BSSC and Star Cinema. Stay tuned for the film reviews, which will be published on BSSC media platforms.