Assistant Principal | VCE Improvement is Tas Dwyer’s formal title, but it tells very little about the aspirations and focus Tas hopes to bring to her new role.

Tas began teaching Maths and Chemistry in the small south-west Victorian town of Casterton back in 1989. She had completed her teaching studies on a studentship which stipulated a period of time in a regional area on graduation.

Tas enjoyed her time in this close-knit farming community—and even this early on in her career Tas realised how much she enjoyed the combination of teaching and developing curriculum.

“Working with students and seeing them reach their potential, alongside mentoring and building the confidence and resources of teaching colleagues, has made my career so enjoyable.”

Like many teachers, she names those ‘aha’ moments, when a student grasps a previously impenetrable concept, as major highlights.

Tas stayed at Casterton for ten years before moving to Brauer College in Warrnambool, and has been at Crusoe College for the last few years.

First impressions of BSSC include admiring the college’s “so cool” alumni posters, noticing how well-organised and professional the college is, and being impressed by the “very friendly, open and helpful staff” she has interacted with.

Tas is also pleased to be maintaining contact in the classroom, something she knows not all principal-class teachers are able to do.

Outside of work Tas is setting up a new garden and enjoys keeping in touch with her adult children who all live in Melbourne.

Welcome to BSSC Tas!