“I had always wanted to be a teacher,” says Linda, “but when I was making decisions about uni, there was a glut of teachers and I was advised to try something else.”

Linda studied Behavioural Sciences—but never lost that dream of becoming a teacher.

Now beginning her 20th year as an educator, and with experience at Charlton and BSE, Linda speaks enthusiastically about the rewards of building connections, seeing those ‘aha’ moments when students grasp a complex concept, and the satisfaction of working closely on collective visions with other teachers.

Now at BSSC, Linda plans to bring all she has learnt about teaching to the senior level, with her main focus Psychology and VM Numeracy.

“Psychology has always been a particular passion for me and it’s always fantastic if part of your teaching load includes something you really love.”

During 2023 Linda completed a Teaching Excellence Program and says the course opened her eyes to the “vital importance of engagement, of networking, and of taking every opportunity that presents itself”.

Her first impressions of BSSC include appreciation for how staff go out of their way to say ‘hello’ and introduce themselves.

“I’ve noticed there seems to be great peer support within the various teams, and that this college really broadens the horizons of the students, encouraging them to pursue their passions.”

Ironically, Linda feels both new and not new, because she already knows numerous BSSC staff and, of course, has connections with many Year 11 students from BSE.

Welcome to BSSC Linda!