It’s as if Alex Kellow was always going to become a teacher. His father and numerous other family members are involved in education, including his brother Matt who is a familiar face around BSSC.

Alex grew up in Eaglehawk and his first teaching appointment back in 2014 was Eaglehawk Secondary College—a place he wanted to work after being impressed during a teaching round in his final year at uni.

Willing to wait, Alex took on CRT and even volunteered there until a position came up.

Nine years later, Alex was ready for a new challenge and applied to join the staff at BSSC.

“My first impression is that BSSC seems like a well-oiled machine with strong teams. I also share the student wellbeing focus.”

Alex will teach Year 11 English and Sociology and, with a three-year-old and a new baby who arrived earlier this year, he’s chosen to work a 0.8 time fraction.

Supporting students through the challenges they encounter in their learning journey is core to the rewards teaching brings him.

“I enjoy fostering resilience and instilling a sense of confidence in my students as they overcome obstacles. Witnessing their growth and seeing them triumph over difficulties is what I love most about teaching.”

Asked if there is anything in particular he’s keen to achieve while at BSSC, Alex says he’s looking forward to getting to know the college and his colleagues, and is keen to continue to grow his teaching skills and experience.

When Alex is not working he’s usually keeping company with the little people in his life—but he does enjoy shooting a few hoops with friends who enjoy basketball.

Welcome to BSSC Alex!