As we head into Step Up and only a month of the school year remains, we’ve asked members of staff to share their highlights of 2017. Stay tuned to eNews between now and December 22 for more highlights…


What a tremendous opportunity and privilege it has been for me to help lead this wonderful community throughout 2017. Working alongside parents with our passionate, motivated and committed staff to encourage our wonderful students to have high aspirations, and support them to achieve their learning and pathways goals, has been an incredible highlight.

Another fantastic highlight was being able to congratulate our graduating Year 12 students. I was so proud of how positively and respectfully they celebrated their Last Day with each other and our staff. Congratulations.

Linda Lyons


For me, the highlight of 2017 was awesome students learning about Computer Networking, engaging in a range of extra-curricular events, and demonstrating how much they’d learnt. Two major examples of these highlights were: Tim Copeland becoming a champion of the Asia Pacific Netriders CCENT competition, and our two teams who performed brilliantly, and came so close to winning, the recent CyberGames.

Warren Sutton


The highlight of my year was seeing our exceptional Year 12 cohort celebrate the culmination of 13 years of schooling in such a respectful, creative and enthusiastic way during their Last Day of Year 12 celebrations. The atmosphere was electric (particularly in the Ulumbarra Theatre) and made me so proud to work at our wonderful college.

Kylie Hand


My highlight was helping students overcome adversity and achieve their goals—both as a classroom teacher and student coordinator. I think the ‘6Ps’ saying is key for success:  Prior Preparation Prevents P— Poor Performance.

Duane Anderson