As we move beyond Step Up with less than a month of the school year remaining, here are some more staff highlights from 2017. Stay tuned to eNews between now and December 22 for more…


For me, a great highlight was the successful implementation of the Scientific Investigation across all science subjects. The truth is that all Science teachers began the year with trepidation: how were we going to manage every Science student conducting their own scientific investigation?  We did it with a lot of hard work and collaboration among the subject teams and the expertise of our super Laboratory Technician Sue Treloar.  Every spare space on the Science floor was used for experimental setups while the investigations were taking place. So a quote I would like to leave everyone with is this:  “Everything turns out in the end”.

Mary Nash


A highlight of the year for me was the boys soccer team making the state finals.
And there is a quote from Albert Einstein that I really like:  “People love chopping wood. In this activity one immediately sees results.”                                        

Barnaby Seviour



My highlight was the community presentation event for the VCAL litter innovation project.
My quote is adapted from Stephen Covey: “Seek first to understand—be ready to listen before we speak and then do so with clarity, purpose and sensitivity.

Meredith  Fettling



There are too many highlights this year!
Personally, leading the NETschool program was an extremely humbling experience as were the inclusion and opportunities for all learners and staff! “We support students to succeed as education is the best means of opening doors to opportunities and to ameliorate the disadvantage that is prevalent in our community”.

Dan Gibbons