Members of the Student Leadership Team gathered for their final meeting of the year at lunchtime; an opportunity to share a meal together and look back on what has been both a rewarding and incredibly challenging year for SLT.

Members of the executive team spoke about the many highlights of 2021, including the most recent fundraising for ‘Do It in a Dress’ that raised over $2500.

SLT President, Amelia Bailey, thanks members for the amazing amount of work that went into planning the Formal that was sadly cancelled, like so many other key events.

“I’m incredibly proud of every one of you,” she said.

Vice President, Amber Chong, echoed those sentiments.

“Thank you for your commitment to this team despite the incredibly difficult year,” she said. “You have traversed the year with resilience, understanding and grace.

“Take risks, have fun, and carry your kind and fighting spirits to wherever you may go nest.”

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