The Student Leadership Team were inspired to do great things in 2019, when special guest Libania Henrique addressed them today at their weekly meeting.

Libania is a former refugee from East Timor who now works as the Community Relations Coordinator for World Vision, liaising with schools to help get them involved in events such as the 40-hour Famine.

She spoke about the many ways students can make a difference globally by acting locally.

“There are more than 60-million displaced people in the world,” she told the students. “That’s the combined populations of Australia, New Zealand and Canada.”

The average time period a person is displaced is a staggering 24 years.

SLT Vice President, Joelle Colliver, was excited and inspired by Libania’s message.

“It’s so empowering to know that we can make a difference around the globe by creating events in our school,” she said. “As a group, our eyes were opened to what is happening around the world and that one small act can help so many.”