For BSSC media students Oscar Capp, Amethyst Dynon and Chevy Barnes Librio, it came as a bit of a shock when their short film “Stalking” was named a winner in this year’s Lola Miller Film Competition.

What began as coursework in their Unit 1-2 Media studies was secretly entered in the competition by their teacher Leigh Norton.

“We were divided up into groups of three and given a storyboard to work with on the theme of stalking,” Oscar said. “The three of us shared the various roles of planning, acting, filming and editing.”

Chevy, who did a lot of the behind-the-camera work, said it took about three weeks to complete the project.

“We messed with the storyboard quite a bit and made it our own,” he said. “The filming all took place at various locations around the college.”

The film earned the students a cash prize of $210 as part of the 2018 Eaglehawk Dahlia and Arts Festival.

“It’s pretty satisfying to be paid for our efforts,” Chevy said.