As members of the BSSC community we are privileged to be able to use Rosalind Park during recess and lunch times (not during study times). Because it is a shared community space, there are certain guidelines we all need to follow to ensure it’s a space that everyone can enjoy…

Smoke-free policy

Students are not permitted to smoke while in the park or in areas immediately adjacent to the park or college. This extends to the areas just beyond the Bendigo Creek (over the bridge) next to the former Police station AND the edge of the Conservatory Gardens opposite the La Piazza restaurant.

Smoking is also not permitted at the other end of our campus:

  • Adjacent to the college at the Camp Hill/bowling green/P block entrance, or the laneway to the swimming pool.
    • Outside the Gym and across the road near the tennis courts and Ulumbarra/Trade Training Centre.

 Out of Bounds areas – Fernery, Conservatory, Lansell and  RSL Gardens and the Rotunda

This agreement between the CoGB and BSSC ensures there are still some areas of the park available for general community use.

The Fernery and all gardens on the city side of the Bendigo Creek (as noted above) are out of bounds to students during the school day. This includes the Conservatory G ardens. COGB has video surveillance equipment installed in this area.

All students within the park should also be on the school side of the rotunda and are not permitted to use the rotunda during school hours.

Garden Beds, paths and steps

Please don’t walk across the garden beds, as many have bulb plantings.

Sitting across the paths can block pedestrian access for community members, other students and staff.  If you need to sit on paths due to wet lawn areas, please sit to one side of the path to allow others to pass freely.

Please avoid sitting on the steps at entrances to the college, including the Memorial steps at the front entrance to the college and the stone steps immediately adjacent to the Camp Hill Primary School playground.


As the park is a public area, it is your responsibility to take your rubbish with you and place it in one of the many rubbish bins provided around the college or in the park (this is also expected in all classrooms and around the college grounds).

Active Ball games are not permitted in Rosalind Park

Ball games such as football and cricket are not permitted in the park to minimise damage to gardens and wear and tear on the lawns. The council signs at entrances to the park indicate the ‘no ball games’ expectation for all community members using the park. Students ARE able to play hacky sack.


Students are expected to place these in their allocated locker or in the larger day-use lockers adjacent to the cage area (under the staff centre) on arrival at the college.

To ensure the safety of all staff and students, boards are not to be used around the college or in Rosalind Park during recess or lunch time.