Unit 3 Art Fashion students have been hard at work in Semester 1, creating garments that would be at home on any catwalk.

Hayley Dunne took black fabric and turned it into a sumptuous haute couture gown featuring swirls and flowers in gold paint, gold metallic stitching and tiny gold beads.

“I really like elaborate gowns,” she said, “Go big or go home…”

And ‘go big’ seems to be where Hayley is headed. She is already establishing herself as a winner, making leotards and other activewear for private clients and even an entire gym group.

In contrast, but equally stunning, is Romea Kumar’s magnificent white sequinned gown inspired by the Taj Mahal.

“I wanted to combine Indian architecture and culture, but still produce a wearable garment,” he said. “The fabric on this body-hugging dress is reminiscent of the marble of the Taj.”

Future aspirations for Romea include studying fashion design at RMIT.

Among the other fabulous gowns and garments is Rebecca Willington’s astounding raincoat—a kind of puffy-jacket like no other.

“I had been using laminating materials and my parents bought some more for me—but they got two metres,” she said. “I thought I’d better do something with it.”

Rebecca aspires to be a clothes designer. Taking on the rain in the little number she’s created would be a very pleasant experience.

Make sure you take a walk up to the arts floor and see the amazing quality of the students’ work.