Local Omoikiri Budo Kai Karate teacher, Jason Gray, gave a group of students the fundamentals of self-defence at lunchtime today. The workshop was part of BSSC’s Wellbeing Week celebrations

Jason has been practicing Karate for 30 years and teaching for 20.

Students partnered up to try out some techniques that can prevent a conflict or quickly get you out of a jam.

And while karate is more about being clever and knowing how to avoid a serious altercation, students also got to give their ‘best’ to a kick bag and a punching bag. There was also plenty of laughter along the way, especially when Jason paired up with his daughter, Year 12 student Eve Gray, to demonstrate many of the techniques.

“Karate is a lifelong learning,” Jason says, “it’s about always putting in your best to be the best you can.”

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