While most people have a fabulous—and safe—time celebrating the end of school, every now and then things do go wrong. Here are the phone numbers of people who can help you out:

Emergencies: 000 or Emergency+App
Kidshelpline 1800 551 800
Kidshelpline webchat
: confidential support for people under 25. Available 24/7. No problem is too big or too small.
Red Frogs 1300 557 123 or app:
Red Frogs are at larger Schoolie events & specialise in walking people home, cooking pancakes, assistance in room cleaning & handing out red frogs!

If you a parent of a schoolie here are some things you can do before and during Schoolies

Have a discussion about dealing with emergencies

  • supporting friends, staying together, sleep, stress, how to make a doctor’s appointment, safety with alcohol and other drugs (especially if they are going overseas), sexual health including contraception and check-ups (see resources below if unsure of what to say).
  • Ask if they have the phone numbers/apps stored in their phone that include their accommodation, their Schoolie friends, emergency numbers and helpline numbers.

The ‘balcony talk’

  • Hospitals warn people that Schoolies and parties are higher risk times for balcony falls and injuries. Ask your young people not to sit on, lean over, climb/hang off balconies (tip: ask them to keep one foot on the floor at all times while on a balcony).

Keep in contact

  • Set a time with them that is good for both of you to talk or text every day or so while they are away. Early afternoon may be a good time for the young person.
  • Text or phone your young person at the agreed time.
  • Ensure they have credit on their phone before they leave.
  • Suggest they memorise their Schoolie accommodation address.
  • Ask if they know the accommodation house rules to avoid eviction.
  • Ask if the group staying together have discussed money, food and house rules.
  • Let your young person know they can contact you at any time day or night while they are away.

If your young person, is going overseas

  • Ensure they have travel insurance and you and they know what it covers (ie. hiring a car, motorbike or jet ski or not wearing a helmet when on a bike, may not be covered by the insurance). Check out the smartraveller website.

If there is an incident

  • Try and stay calm, listen and support your young person and/or their friends and, if requested by them or the adults at the Schoolies event weeks, go to your young person at the schoolies venue.

Further resources