The BSSC Language Centre was packed on Wednesday at lunchtime as students and visiting agencies celebrated positivity, support, honesty, compromise and healthy boundaries at BSSC’s Healthy Relationships Day.

Activities and information stalls created a buzz of interest.  Community agencies, including Bendigo Community Health, Youth Empowerment against HIV AIDS, the Centre against Sexual Assault (CASA) and the Victoria Police’s proactive policing unit, all ran information stalls and provided giveaways while BSSC’s Wellbeing staff distributed healthy food from Foodshare to the lunchtime crowd.

“Days like this are great for students in our age group,” Year 12 student Nell Hamilton said. “It’s very important that we have good knowledge and the skills to establish respectful relationships.”

Games and competitions which reinforced the healthy relationships message were run by volunteers from BSSC’s sexual diversity group and Student Council, and enjoyed by the large crowd.

Explaining why CASA attends the day, a representative said it is important for young people to know about consent and have the space to explore healthy sexuality, while Emma Gibbons from the Victoria Police proactive policing unit said, “It’s important that young people establish a good relationship with police and have their questions from a police perspective”.

Tuesday’s Gender Diversity luncheon was a fantastic lead in to Healthy Relationships Day.  Supported by Headspace, the luncheon was very well attended.  Many new friendships were formed, and a number of attendees volunteered their time to run activities for Healthy Relationships Day.

The BSSC Wellbeing team organised this week’s activities. They also provide individual support and assistance to students to develop their physical, social, emotional and spiritual health throughout year.