Exams can be a daunting time for even the most diligent students, let alone those of you who have left your run to the last minute.  In either situation, revision lectures, practice exams and tips from the experts all enhance your results and will help to ensure exam success.

Last week’s eNews and Compass posts covered the details of the TSSM and Access revision lecture series which start after the holidays. You can check those details again if needed.

During your holiday revision all students are strongly advised to complete as many past exams and exam questions as they can.  You will then be well prepared for the practice exams under exam conditions which will start on Tuesday October 4 – the second day of Term 4.

Feedback from your teacher on your exam practices can be invaluable to eliminating errors and improving your results on the real thing.

For all the details of revision opportunities click on the link: http://www.bssc.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Revision-opportunities-for-students.pdf