The CommBank Partner a Class program for 2023 kicked off today, with Matt Kellow’s VET Business class getting a taste of what’s to come in the next 12 months.

The program – founded in 2010 – provides young people with business experiences and practical hands-on assignments that compliment classroom theory. Students will be coached over the year by experienced CommBank senior executives.

Senior Manager of Market Positioning and Engagement at CommBank, Andrew Roberts, said the program would truly benefit Business students.

“We are going to build your confidence, identify your gifts and talents as well as give you some amazing experiences.”

The students leapt straight into the introductory session, with an ‘Empire Building’ exercise run by Andrew.

Students worked in groups of four to build a ‘Tower of Power’—a structure built from various items such as chopsticks, drinking straws, pasta, string and foil—each with a specific market value.

Each group chose a CEO and a CFO and had 15 minutes to construct a building that was then judged on height/cost-effectiveness, and the group’s final pitch. It was the perfect metaphor for the importance of a strong foundation and students playing to their strengths.

Throughout the year BSSC students will have the opportunity to travel to Melbourne, listen to guest speakers, participate in interviews, create stand-out resumes, practice public speaking and so much more – guided through the entire experience by Andrew and his team.

“We like to donate our time, efforts and experience to help you this year.”

Some of the benefits of the Partner a Class program include increased confidence, more knowledge about the business world and experiences to set young people apart from the countless others who will be applying for jobs after graduating high school.

Fellow CommBank team member, Charlie, joined Andrew in the classroom today to share some of her experiences with CommBank.

“I wish I had access to a program like this in year 11 or 12.” she said.

BSSC has been fortunate enough to be able to partner with CommBank for a number of years now, and we look forward to seeing what program participants get up to in 2023.