A group of Year 12 students returned to the college this afternoon to mark their completion of the CBA Partner a Class program. The students are the second group to complete a full two-year cycle of the program that offers an incredible opportunity to build their strengths and step into the real world of finance.

Over the course of the two year program, participants have access to leaders in the world of finance and marketing, give presentations to CBA staff, and learn to recognise their own strengths while building a great resume. It culminates in a job interview with executives at the Commonwealth Bank headquarters in Melbourne; an incredible learning experience.

Today, Ruby Wright, Benjamin Lawrence, Brenton Hawthorne, Andrew Murphy, Nicholas Dark, Lain Jackson and Grace Nicholson received their completion certificates, while Addison Edwards-Smith, Zac Llewellyn, Victoria Tangey, Lydia Melgin-Hill and Alen Shaju were also recognised for their achievement.

A special congratulations goes to Lain Jackson who was awarded a $1000 Partner a Class scholarship for her dedication to the program. The scholarship recognises that Lain was an active listener and applied the feedback she receive—engaged fully in all the sessions—showed incredible growth in confidence and skills—asked insightful and relevant questions and prepared thoroughly between sessions.

Director of Market Positioning and Engagement at Comm Bank, Andrew Roberts, said how proud he was of the students and their willingness to participate.

“The certificate you’ve received today can really add weight to your resume,” he said. “Only 28 young people in Australia received one this year, so it demonstrates that you’ve done something very different in the world of business.

“We talk about you guys and your achievements beyond the classroom. You’re a great encouragement to all of us at the CBA.”

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