How many of us have watched in amazement as a seemingly unbreakable breakdancer has defied gravity with sensational drops and twists?

BSSC Alumnus, Karl Jacobs, has conducted breakdance workshops around Australia and internationally. Today, as part of ParticipACTION Week, BSSC students had the chance to learn from a three-time winner of the 2eXtreme Breakdance Battle.

BSSC students, Keely, Grace and Hannah are all into K-Pop and attend Z-fit. But other than a hip-hop workshop at Weeroona College, none of them had done breakdancing. Like everyone else there, they were soon in the thick of it.

Karl, a natural teacher, broke the moves down into simple parts, demystifying them and creating sequences that were achievable by all the participants.

With a mandatory warm-up before they began, it wasn’t long before everyone was learning moves like ‘top rock’, ‘swipe’, ‘freeze’, ‘spin drop’ and ‘threads’.

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