Dear Parents/Carers,

Parent/Teacher interviews are scheduled for Thursday 12 August from 11.00am – 7.00pm and bookings are now available on Compass. Due to current COVID restrictions these will be held remotely (via Google meets) as we are unable to have visitors on site.  Please note that this is also the day of the GAT, where all students undertaking a VCE Unit 3 and 4 subject or scored VET will be completing the GAT from 10.00am -1.15pm.

Please note the following:

  • If you make a booking, you will receive an email next week with the link to the ‘google meet’ for the teachers you have booked with.  If you have not received this email by Wednesday afternoon, please contact Jo Peterson at the College on 5443 1222.
  • At the appropriate time, open a web browser and open or copy the ‘google meet’ link – you will receive a message that will ask you to wait until you are admitted to the meeting.  The teacher will click on the admit button once the previous interview has finished.
  • Each booking will be 10 minutes in duration – the success of the interviews will depend upon the 10 minute timeslot being adhered to. If you need additional time, please arrange this with the teacher.
  • Bookings will close at 4.00pm on Wednesday 11 August – you will be unable to make or alter bookings after this time.  If you need to alter or cancel a booking, please phone the College on 5443 1222 and we will do it for you and let the teacher know.
  • If you do not have access to the internet, please phone the College on 5443 1222 and we will make the bookings for you. Teachers will be asked to phone you at the appropriate interview time rather than ‘google meet’.  This call will come from a blocked number.
  • As this is the day of the GAT, parents/carers without a child sitting the GAT are encouraged to make a booking earlier in the day.  We do encourage students to be part of the interview with the parents/carers.
  • If there are no available timeslots for the teacher you wish to meet with, please phone the college and we will ask the teacher to make contact with you.