If you’ve smelt the irresistible scent of pastry wafting through C Block on recent Thursdays, then you’ll already know that Papa’s Travelling Pies are seriously good tucker.

Staff who’ve had a steaming hot Papa’s pie delivered to their desk will agree that this initiative by Sue Pickles’ VCAL PD & WRS class is a real success story.

“This group of students are a great team,” Sue said. “They brainstormed this idea, were keen to launch straight into it before the end of term, and have worked really hard to make it happen.”

The name of the project is as irresistible as the pies themselves.

“A lot of work went into the name of the product,” student Jack Parish said. “The tone we were looking for is one of trust, and for people to feel that a lot of love has gone into the making of the pies.

“We talked a lot about gender too. Papa is a kind of father figure, and the reference to ‘travelling’ is about us reaching out into the community.”

The sense of community extends even further, with several pies from each session donated to BSSC’s Wellbeing team who distribute them to students who are living out of home.

“The skills the students are learning will set them up well as they begin to plan for this year’s VCAL Market Day in Term 3,” Sue Pickles said. “They are already brainstorming some great initiatives.”