Bendigo Senior Secondary College congratulates its students on their outstanding VCE results in 2021.

Lachlan Moon is one student who’s celebrating today. With an ATAR of 99.05, Lachlan is BSSC Dux for 2021. His study scores of Literature 47, Chemistry 39, Math Methods 41, Specialist Maths 36, Physics 41 and Psychology 36 will ensure he achieves his goal to study Science at the University of Melbourne.

“My first thought when I saw my results was ‘Gee, that’s alright’,” Lachlan said modestly. “It was a very good morning, that’s for sure.

“My teachers have been incredible. I’m especially grateful to Amy Greenwood, my Literature teacher. I started out as my worst subject, but I actually got my highest mark in Lit.”

Other students who scored exceptional ATARs are Audrey Andrews (96.1) and Lachlan Woodward (96.0).

“When I saw the result, I went back and kept checking,” Audrey said. “I thought I might have read the numbers wrong.”

Lachlan was just as surprised.

“I didn’t expect to do as well as I did,” he said. “I sat there for 20 minutes just looking at the score.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time here. If you do your best and work hard you get good results.”

BSSC has also supported students around the state and internationally to achieve outstanding results through its Victorian Virtual Learning Network where BSSC teachers deliver VCE subjects online to students in 55 other schools. Notable among these results this year was Kha Anh (Lisa) Nguyen, a student from Vietnam who was unable to travel to Australia because of COVID travel restrictions. She studied Specialist Maths, Math Methods, Physics and English as an Additional Language and achieved an ATAR of 97.65.

The diversity of students and their studies again highlights the wide range of programs available at the College and its capacity to support students irrespective of their backgrounds and interests.

Principal Dale Pearce said the 2021 results were a credit to the students.

“I’m really proud because they had such a tough run,” he said. “Two years of Covid—multiple periods of remote learning—the students have shown incredible resilience.”