Students doing environment based programs at BSSC get many opportunities for adventure, and last week the VET Outdoor Recreation class tested their navigational and paddling skills on the mighty Murray River.

Jess Hinson and Sarah McClusky reported that “we learnt heaps of things about canoeing and about each other.”

“We spent the days jumping from canoe to kayak and back again, swimming in the river and refreshing each other with often savage splashes.” they said.

Multi-taskers Liam Brown and Arthur Holton entertained the group with their musical instruments while paddling down the river; but to their dismay, the group found that “the water at Picnic Point was almost beyond drinkable.”

“The first two nights were not so glorious as we drowned in our own sweat, while cooking and sleeping in tents on humid 27-degree nights. Nonetheless, most of us woke up with a smile – some excited for the day ahead, others laughing at Liam piping a wake-up call from his tin whistle.”

Thank you Jess and Sarah for sharing your experience.