On Wednesday 25 November approximately 900 new Year 11 students will come to BSSC for their Orientation Day.

BSSC warmly welcomes all new students and their families to our college. During Orientation Day, BSSC’s new 2016 students will be introduced to the college, accompanied by their current Year 10 home group teachers, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free transition.

At lunchtime there will be a free BBQ in the courtyard in front of the Ulumbarra Cafe for all new students and BSSC staff. During the day, newcomers to the college will:

  • Learn to navigate around the college grounds, classrooms and buildings.
  • Receive their timetables for Step Up week.
  • Become familiar with the BSSC computer system including our student and curriculum management and communication system called Compass.
  • Develop knowledge about Gen Safe, our online safety program.
  • Learn how to log student tablets and other devices into the college wireless network.
  • Get to know the services available to students and parents.
  • Participate in a session aimed at building effective study skills.