What the heck is optimism? Is it just hoping things will be okay? Or a kind of ‘head-in-the-sand’ refusal to accept the truth when things go badly? Genuine optimism is smart, clear-sighted and definitely not delusional. Just as ‘Respect’ can be unpacked further, so can ‘Optimism’ (the ‘O’ of BSSCs ROLE anagram)

Some people seem to find it easy to be almost constantly enthusiastic; they embrace every opportunity that crosses their path. Maybe they really are this way—maybe it’s how they want to be seen? Whatever the reality, Optimism does not exclude those who are more reserved. This is because Optimism is an attitude towards everything that life puts  in our laps. Being persistent in adversity is a powerful example of optimism in action.

There’s an aphorism: “The harder I work, the luckier I get” (a variation on an original quote by Coleman Cox in 1922). This little saying suggests optimism understands that life requires effort, the protection of what matters, attending to what is valued and accepting that things usually go best when we have done everything we can to ensure they will. Don’t look after our health? We eventually get sick. Don’t care about our friends? We find ourselves lonely.

Okay, so sometimes bad guys get lucky. Bad stuff does happen to good people. And sometimes what we judge ‘bad’ later turns out to be the very experience that makes us stronger and smarter. However, cause and effect generally extends to pretty much everything around us. Imagining this will be a great year? Feeling good about all you might achieve? Do your part to make it happen.