Ever thought about becoming a radio announcer?

A new program is being set up for young people with autism through the local group, AsperTeens. Developed in association with Phoenix Radio Bendigo, this new program is for young people interested in the range of opportunities and skills that come with presenting on the radio.

The program includes mentoring, supervision and training to establish a cohesive and experienced group of presenters with the aim that they present (approx.) monthly to begin with, and on a pre-devised roster system of presenters and topics.

AsperTeens is also setting up a fortnightly craft group (no age limits for this one!) Stay tuned for more information.

AsperTeens is an empowering, safe space for people with autism aged between 13-17yo. A space to interact, share ideas and experiences, have discussions, ask advice, vent, organise events and catch ups and offer solidarity and peer support in an understanding environment—and now the chance to be actively involved in radio, mixed media networking, social networking, new skills and active community involvement.


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