Last weekend the 24-hour Wonthaggi Human Powered Grand Prix saw our vehicles, Face/Off and Con Air compete strongly with excellent results. Face/Off, in the mixed category, finished in the top 15 outright and Con Air, in the open section, managed to defend a closely-contested lead. Con Air was a brand new vehicle mostly built by Year 11 students in only four weeks.

On the way to Wonthaggi we had a stopover at Melbourne Test Laboratories to watch a number of tests on steel reinforcing material which was very informative and entertaining for the students.

The usual Wonthaggi weather of severe winds and thunderstorms was replaced with high daytime temperatures and heavy fog overnight. Slits cut into the windscreens and shorter rider stints stopped these challenging conditions impacting too greatly. The only other issues, aside from a few crashes, was a broken chain and broken floor from half a skateboard that found its way onto the track.

Huge thank you to staff and students who participated including; John Cordedda, Peter Hamilton and Tim White. And the students; Hannah Creely, Jacinta Rooke, Jesse Annand, Ash Egan, Reece Gretgrix, Rainer Kerby, Michael Keating and Kieran Theobold in the Face/Off team, Ty Hall, Ethan Hanley, Emerson Julian, Will McClure-Wallace, Jeremy Pearson, Ned Pollard, Triston Todd and Ash Watson in Con Air, Harry Musty and Kane McNamara in pits and photography.

Click on the link to see the students in action: