BSSC Year 12 student, Jemma Pearce, is juggling a lot in her final year at BSSC. With a load of six subjects—including two languages, two Maths subjects, Physics and English Literature—as well as family commitments, it could be easy to lose focus.

But Jemma is driven by a passion for science and her participation in NYSF earlier this year only cemented her dedication to a future in STEM.

“When I started studying science in Year 10, I knew pretty quickly that I would pursue it as a career,” she says. “Once I started at Bendigo Senior I met so many like-minded people that also encouraged me with my aspirations.”

When Jemma first heard about NYSF, she thought it sounded like an amazing opportunity. And even though this year’s program was once again forced online due to Covid restrictions, it far exceeded her expectations.

“NYSF not only showed me the huge range of STEM-based courses offered by universities,” she says, “but also the many career pathways in science.

“It was incredibly inspiring to hear so many scientists speak about their careers, including Nobel Prize winners.”

Despite NYSF being online, Jemma says there were still plenty of ways for participants to stay connected.

“There were online chat groups and we used a platform called Discord to have games and movie nights,” she says. “It’s great to still be in contact with other participants through social media—people with similar passions and dreams.”

Jemma’s dream includes studying a Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University and pursuing a career in STEM, wherever that might lead.

“Science is such an amazing subject,” she says. “It broadens my view of the world and my understanding. I love the collaborative nature of it too; completing experiments and working with others to problem-solve.”

NYSF Applications are now open. Each year the Rotary Clubs of Bendigo help support BSSC students to have this incredible opportunity.

If you’d like to learn about future pathways and engage with other like-minded young people from all around Australia contact Jane Fong for more information: