Students in both Year 11 and 12 are invited to apply for the following special awards which will be presented at our Annual Awards Ceremony on Wednesday 20 December in the Ulumbarra Theatre.

Since the start of September students have been encouraged to self-nominate for more than one award.

Completed nominations are to be handed in at the General Office by the end of the school day on Friday 20th October.

Nomination forms are available on the landing page of COMPASS.

The Special Awards which the students can nominate for are:

  • * Student of the Year
  • * Miss Florence Anderson Memorial Award
  • * Kathryn Lake Memorial Award
  • * Taylor Family VCE Awards
  • * Taylor Family VET Awards
  • * La Trobe Infinity Awards
  • * Fernwood Fitness Scholarships

Each award carries a monetary prize except for the Fernwood Fitness Scholarship which is a 12-month membership.