How do you tackle sustainability and environmental issues in the kitchen? You start by getting inventive and using ‘leftovers’ to produce healthy, great-tasting meals.

That’s exactly what students in Sue Maillard’s Year 12 Food Studies class did today, thinking more deeply about how they can reduce food waste in the kitchen.

“Students were challenged to use whatever was left in the fridge and pantry,” Sue said. “The only condition was that the dish that created must include a protein, a grain and vegetables.”

The challenge produced a variety of tasty, colourful and delicious meals including: Green split-pea & bacon soup, Veggie fried farro, Gnocchi with pesto sauce. Chicken stir fry, Sweet potato risotto, Potato, leek & bacon soup, Sweet potato pizza with caramelised onion… and more. Proving that no-waste cooking can lead to wonderful culinary surprises.

The students also learnt to make bees wax food covers as a sustainable alternative to cling film