EAL VCAL students will launch into the 2019 school year with some brand new Hewlett Packard laptop computers after securing a $10,000 HP Kids Fund grant.

HP Kids Fund offers 50 grants of $10,000 to be used towards the purchase of HP technology to encourage STEM learning and development in the classroom.

To secure the grant, EAL VCAL staff and students (in conjunction with the BSSC Communications team) created a one-minute video that creatively presented how the grant would help students be more innovative, and help them develop STEM skills.

EAL VCAL Program Coordinator, Cath Holton, said the computers will help students take their STEAM thinking to a whole new level.

“The students are well versed in using STEAM thinking to solve problems, but many have never used a computer before,” she said. “The new laptops will allow the students to develop their computer language skills and enhance their learning.”