BSSC is hosting a group of 20 Chinese students from Zhongshan Huaqiao High School. Along with their teacher, Jiang Yanping, and trip organiser, Yu Jiaqi, the group will be in Bendigo until Thursday 16 March. The visit, the fourth from this school, seeks to provide students with an insight into Australian education, family life and even includes a game of golf!

Small groups of Zhongshan Huaqiao students will be buddied with local BSSC students and attend classes specifically chosen to maximise interaction with local students (such as drama). They will also participate in the BSSC Chinese class and visit both Camp Hill Primary School and La Trobe University.

One of the highly significant events of this visit was the signing of a ‘Sister School’ partnership on Thursday, formally aligning BSSC with Zhongshan Huaqiao High School.

Meanwhile, the students are enjoying their visit so far and think BSSC has fantastic programs and facilities.

When asked for her impressions of Bendigo, Zhongshan student Yang Yang immediately mentioned the beautiful skies and the abundance of greenery, flowers and lawns.

“Just to breathe this fresh air makes me feel good,” added fellow student, Jeremy.

Observations of Australian life included admiration for our politeness in traffic, but also our more relaxed attitude to many other aspects of life—which contrasts with Chinese principles of seeking perfection in all one says and does.

BSSC students who elect to join the China trip scheduled for later this year, will have the added bonus of rekindling friendships when they visit Zhongshan Huaqiao High School.