Future Year 11 students who have selected Studio Arts were given their first taste of the creative opportunities ahead in 2019.

Art teacher, Helen Attrill, who is running the Studio Arts Transition Work program explained that the Step Up topic is a focus on Surrealism titled ‘Exquisite Corpses’.

“It’s interesting because the word ‘corpse’ also means ‘folded piece of paper’,” she said.

The activity involved one person drawing one part of a picture, folding the paper over and having someone add the next part—with no idea what came before.

The resulting images were wonderfully surreal.

Phoenix, who plans to get into animation and cartooning, is studying mostly art-based subjects. Reflecting on his early experiences of BSSC, he said; “BSSC is a lot bigger than my 7 – 10 college, but I really like how the teachers are so accommodating of what you want to do.”

“I like it that the only students who are in your class want to be there.”

Jordan affirmed this, “I like the fact you are expected to choose the subjects you love—I think my subjects are so engaging.”

Alex comes from a family where everyone draws. (Her sister recently held an exhibition of her work.) “I am thinking of doing Law,” she said, “but I chose art because I really enjoy drawing too.”

“I like the way BSSC feels as though everyone is an individual rather than having to conform or appear the same,” Alex said.

All across BSSC, in all Learning Areas, students are engaging with their new subjects, finding their way around, getting to know their teachers–and the friends they are yet to make.