NETschool learners are getting active and building community connections due to a great new partnership with local gym FIT Republic.

Last year, NETschool mentor Paige Conder instigated a program called Social Active Living as a way to encourage learners to think more about exercise and fitness and its importance to good mental health.

“We used the college gym a few times and also utilised local parks, but it was a constant challenge to find spaces we could use on a regular basis,” Paige said.

Paige, a qualified fitness instructor, approached Barry Johnston at FIT Republic who has generously offered learners a one-hour gym session every Friday in exchange for wiping down equipment and doing a few other tasks around the gym.

“We’re only two weeks into the program, but already it’s incredibly popular with our learners,” Paige said. “I’m only able to bring eleven learners at a time and there are already others eagerly waiting for their opportunity.”

She hopes that as the program gains momentum there will be opportunities for fundraising to better equip the college gym, so that more learners can have regular access to training sessions closer to NETschool.

“For so many of our learners there simply isn’t anyone to take them to a gym, or the cost is too prohibitive,” Paige said. “But we know that exercise is so important to their wellbeing.

BSSC is incredibly grateful to Barry and his team at FIT Republic for partnering with NETschool to make this important program a reality.