As part of National Science Week 2020 we asked Year 12 student, Amy Wilson, about her background and aspirations in science…
What science subjects are you studying?
✍️I’m studying physics.
What do you love about studying science?
✍️I love that it constantly challenges you to come up with explanations to strange phenomenon that seemingly go against your common sense. I’ve found that studying physics challenges your everyday thinking to show some mind-blowing and amazing concepts.
When was your interest in Science first sparked?
✍️I’ve always found science fascinating and first started becoming interested in physics around Year 9 when my science teacher suggested I read ‘The Universe in Your Hands’ by Christophe Galfard. Unlike most physics books, it doesn’t just focus on the maths and instead explains some amazing concepts.
Do you hope to study science beyond Year 12?
✍️I am hoping to study science at university next year.
If you could one day have a career in a branch of science, what would it be?
✍️I hope to become a research scientist, working in a team with like-minded individuals towards a common goal and have the ability to travel the world to take part in conferences. This would allow me to not only see beautiful places around the world, but to also hear new scientific discoveries from leading scientists.
Tell us a favourite scientific fact
✍️A single solar flare can release the equivalent energy of millions of 100-megaton atomic bombs.