Bendigo Senior Secondary College will host a variety of events for students during National Reconciliation Week commencing on Monday 30 May.

Kinja will perform at Monday’s Year 11 assembly in the Ulumbarra Theatre (and at lunchtime) with Ron Murray also speaking at the assembly.

Tuesday and Wednesday sees the traditional Dja Dja Wurrung smoking ceremony on the front steps of Ulumbarra before guests move inside for a restaging of “Gather Together”, originally performed at the opening of Ulumbarra just over a year ago.

On Thursday the Bendigo Reconciliation Committee will hold a Q&A forum at the Strategem Theatre followed by workshops to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan for BSSC.

BSSC’s Indigenous Programs Coordinator Sally Fleming said the week is important in the Bendigo Senior Secondary College calendar.

“The National Reconciliation Week event builds visible Indigenous culture at BSSC, and this helps our students feel comfortable and proud of their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage.”