Congratulations to BSSC student leaders Kelly Phan, Aimee Croft and former student Ruby Baker, who have implemented an inspirational youth leadership program in local schools.

When the girls returned from a leadership camp in 2014, and received a government grant to produce a leadership program for other students, they developed MotivatED to involve their local community in leadership workshops.

“The idea behind the program was to have a student voice in leadership training,” Kelly Phan said.

“I was a student at BSE, that’s why we started it there.  We have also presented MotivatED at Eaglehawk Secondary College and hope to visit more schools as the program, seminars and workshops develop further.”

MotivatED enables Ruby, Kelly and Aimee to pass on some of the skills and inspirations they have learned, such as what leadership is and how to be a better leader through emotional intelligence.

The 2016 MotivatED featured guest speakers including Member for Bendigo Lisa Chesters who spoke on leadership as a lifestyle.

“We want students to be the best person they can be and surround themselves with positive people and things to get the most out of what they do,” Ruby said.