Minister for Education, Natalie Hutchins MP, along with Maree Edwards MP, visited BSSC today to meet with some of the team that are part of the Tutor Learning Initiative (TLI).


The Minister heard from two of BSSC’s seven tutors involved with the program, Harmony and Rick, both of whom offer valuable classroom support at the college.


“The presence of an extra person in the classroom is highly appreciated by students and teachers,” said Rick.


TLI Coordinator, Lauren Martin, said that the TLI allows for holistic support for students.


“Our staff help to address the students’ needs as they arise, and keep a watchful eye on them,” she shared.


“The knowledge that the tutors are there to provide support has also encouraged students to attend school regularly.”


We thank Natalie and Maree for their time today to discuss the value of the Tutor Learning Initiative.