Congratulations to our new executive: President Caitlin Allman, Vice President Sixiao Chen, Treasurer Whitney Eadon, and Secretary Kathryn Northill.

New president, Caitlin Allman, realised when she first came into year 11 that Student Council was a great way to make connections and build her confidence in a new place. Her interest in helping others also found numerous outlets.

Her decision to nominate for the 2017 executive was motivated by a desire to extend the valuable ‘connecting’ and ‘confidence building’ she experienced through Student Council last year: “I think Student Council organises so many events and activities that connect people with each other.” Some of these events are fundraisers such as World Vision’s 40-hour Famine. Closer to home, the Council also wants to support students who have difficulty purchasing school textbooks.

While 2017 events are still in the planning stages, the executive hopes there will be another school formal. They also hope to have a year 11 student appointed to School Council for a two year stint (Year 12 student Ryan Peterson is already a representative at that forum). And they hope the council will become even more adept at acting upon student suggestions.

Seems BSSC is in good hands and we can all look forward to a great year of student representation and fundraising.