This afternoon, a group of EAL VCAL students spent an hour with the Mayor of Bendigo, Councillor Margaret O’Rourke.

The mayor’s visit was part of the students’ study of the Australian system of government.

Councillor O’Rourke gave the students an outline of local government and talked about some of the 100+ services that council provides.

She talked about the Youth Council and the need for young people to be involved in big picture conversations—the voting process for local government—her role as mayor and what’s involved on a daily basis—the many jobs available within the City of Greater Bendigo—and her career before running for council.

“Follow the things you want to do in life… and go for it!” she told students. “Don’t be frightened to ask questions, or to knock on the doors of businesses and inquire about work. Every person you meet or conversation you have might open doors for you down the track.”

Students asked some great questions about local issues including roads, permits and employment.

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