Year 11 VCAL Numeracy students have begun a project evaluating how games work and the mathematics behind a game’s system. So, what appeared to be groups of students having fun, playing board games had a serious side to it as well.

“This session is spent understanding how games work and getting inspiration for the next challenge, which is for students to create their own board games,” teacher Mathew Gill explained. “Students work in groups and once they have assessed the game they are currently playing, they have to decide the sort of game they want to construct.”

The project combines creativity with the analytical skills that lie behind all games.

Students will have three periods to develop the concept, the game’s instructions, and actually physically produce it. Cardboard, dice, or other supplies will all be provided.

“Last year, Mat recalled, “one student wanted to use a spinner, so this had to be constructed as part of the project.”

Maths: more fun than you thought!