Today Janelle Griffin’s VCAL Literacy class and Mardi Holland’s EAL VCAL class joined forces for a cross-cultural ‘MasterChef’ challenge… the culmination of two-week’s planning among the students.

“The challenge was all about students from different backgrounds working together, problem solving, sharing skills and discovering each other’s strengths,” Mardi Holland said.

In the lead up to today’s challenge, students worked in groups, brainstorming their dishes, planning to a budget, and ordering their ingredients.

Cooking began at 11:20am on the dot with each group having 70 minutes to get their creations plated up and ready for judges Michael Lennon, Jan Tillburn and Michael Morrissey to give their verdict.

The cooperation and enjoyment among the students was fantastic to see and the results spoke for themselves. Students shared lunch together afterwards that included Afghan, Ethiopian and Karen delicacies alongside good old spaghetti Bolognese.