Much-admired art teacher, Margaret Standen, was greatly missed after she retired from BSSC. Her untimely death in 2017 was a tragic loss, not only for her family, but for the many staff and students who were inspired by her.

Her husband, Peter, generously established a bursary in her honour, and all Year 12 students studying Studio Arts, or Arts General, at BSSC are eligible to apply for the $2000 Margaret Standen Bursary.

This year the bursary has been shared between thirteen students: Josie Bruhn, Tex Combe, Rey Croucher, Georgia Darling, Celeste Eriksen, Eli Flavell, Jemma Flower, Imogen Ford, Megan Godfrey, Iyla Mills, Indi Raja, Annika Ritchie and Abbey Wharton.

“I’m hoping to buy new paint brushes and acrylic paints,” said Georgia Darling. “I love working with acrylics and go through my paint supply pretty quickly. Last year I did a three-piece canvas work with a snake going from dark to light. I was pretty pleased with it.”

Tex Combe said his share of the bursary, “must go on polaroid film for my camera and inks for the Riso prints I have been working with.”

Eli Flavell will also use the gift to support his photography. “Mostly on buying film but also on processing because, although I can process black and white images here, I need to get colour photos developed at a photo shop—which is expensive.”

“I’m interested in lino printing,” said Jemma Flower. “Last year I completed a lino print of a ferris wheel and tried to create a really creepy effect. I was so pleased with it, I decided to continue with lino printing this year. I will use the bursary for inks and cutting tools.”

Art teacher, Helen Attrill, acknowledged the importance of the bursary.

“The students here are so fortunate because there are a number of awards set up to support their pursuit of particular areas of interest,” she said. “The Margaret Standen Photography Award is another. It was renamed in honour of the fantastic work Margaret did here.”