Exams are nearly always stressful. But there are many strategies to help manage some of the anxiety brought on by exams. BSSC has wellbeing staff who can help.

Planning will help manage your stress.  You will be more relaxed if you’ve got an idea of how the lead-up to your exams is going to look, so plan what you’re going to study and when, and stick it up on the wall, or on your desktop. Break it down into manageable chunks and start working through it at the rate you planned. Plan some break times and days off too.

If you’re really stressed, ask for help. It’s your teacher’s job to help you understand the subject, so if you’re not understanding concepts, tell them and they should be able to help. If your study load or exams are really stressing you out, there is the BSSC Wellbeing Team in the Wellbeing Centre, Police Barracks building, who can also help.

Check out the headspace website  and the great links on that page  for extra study help:  https://headspace.org.au/young-people/surviving-school-exams-and-stress/