Erin Waters’ and Mardi Holland’s Intermediate VCAL classes spent the morning cooking meals to be donated to Foodshare. The students learnt about the role of Bendigo Foodshare and the importance of volunteering.

“Food insecurity means people don’t know where their next meal is coming from,” student Shii-an Bell said. “By cooking today, we are giving people their next meal. We added lots of extra vegetables to our quiches, so they are healthy and full of nutrition.”

Some of the vegetables came from the VCAL garden, planted as part of a Senior project throughout the year. It’s a great example for students of how VCAL projects link in with each other and how their efforts can make a big difference in their local community.

The classes cooked six large quiches that will be packaged into 24 individual meals.

Over the past 10 days, Intermediate VCAL students have cooked and donated 180 meals to Bendigo Foodshare. This adds to the 220 meals Peter Burns’ class cooked earlier in the year, bringing the total to  400 meals donated from VCAL this year.

A BIG thank you to Judy Stewart who has worked with each class to help them build their confidence in the kitchen, and to every student and teacher who has embraced the opportunity and made a difference to many local lives. You’ve done Bendigo Senior proud!