VCAL students involved in the Litter Innovation Project have continued their exploration of the consequences of dumped rubbish in a hands-on, close-to-home field trip to the Whipstick Forest.

Representatives from Conservation Volunteers and Parks Victoria joined the students in the Whipstick on Monday in a follow up to last week’s conference: “One person’s rubbish is another person’s rubbish”.  As the documentary ‘A Plastic Ocean’ revealed in that introductory session: “…this idea that we could just throw things away. There is no ‘away’.”

Students visited the forest around the Notley Camping Ground that is badly affected by illegal dumping of rubbish. Some groups explored on foot, some in four-wheel drive vehicles and others on mountain bikes.

Students will use their observations to create strategies for dealing with the huge problem of plastic waste in the natural environment.

Meanwhile, they also cooked an amazing lunch over open fires – kangaroo chilli, coleslaw and baked potatoes. And, naturally, left not one speck of rubbish behind!

A Plastic Ocean Official Trailer – YouTube