Come along and celebrate the accomplishments of our VCAL students who participated in the Litter Innovation Project. The project involved becoming aware of the impact of rubbish dumping across the globe, and developing a locally-focused approach to do something about it.

“Seeing the film, A Plastic Ocean, was a real eye-opener,” said Shane Fitzpatrick. “It was shocking to see the amount of rubbish that has taken over the ocean. So the Litter Innovation Project has been really good—it feels good to be helping the local environment.”

Tahlia Bentley-Dean agreed.

“The film really showed us what the world has become—but also how we could make a difference.”

VCAL students challenged themselves to find solutions to illegal dumping of rubbish within the Whipstick Forest region and local nature reserves.

“Part of the project was to go out to different dump sites and see what people have dumped,” student Lachie Hall said. “It’s a bit surprising how much stuff is out there.”
The Project was jointly funded by Bendigo Senior Secondary College and Sustainability Victoria in collaboration with Parks Victoria, Conservation Volunteers Australia, the Environmental Protection Authority and Sustainability Victoria.

This student-run event will include a screening of a short documentary about the Project, as well as displays and activities prepared by students.

La Trobe Visual Arts Gallery, View St, Bendigo.

Wednesday 18 October at 5:30 pm.