VCAL students let their actions do the talking last Monday with a major clean-up of the Jobs Gully Reserve as part of their Litter Innovation Project. Students filled dozens of bags with rubbish collected from the site and removed some substantial items such as car and tractor tyres.

They also visited the Eaglehawk Eco-Centre to see first-hand the recycling and waste-management programs operating in Bendigo, and the final destination of our community’s waste.

The Litter Innovation Project—carried out in partnership with Parks Victoria and Conservation Volunteers Australia—is giving students the chance to explore new ways of dealing with the issues of illegal dumping of rubbish, educating the community, and seeking solutions to already entrenched problems.

The students also experienced the power of the project when a local resident, who had been observing all their hard work, provided them with hot food and drinks as a thank you from the local community. It was a great vindication for the students that the work they are doing is important to the community and has the support of many.