Former BSSC leader and teacher, Linda Lyons, may have retired, but she has left a legacy that includes an award to recognise staff who embody the qualities of kindness, empathy and support towards their colleagues, and who model the college’s values: Respect, Optimism, Learning and Environment.

Julie Clyne is this year’s recipient.

“I didn’t know till earlier in the week and when I heard what a colleague had written about me, to be honest, I cried,” she says.

“We all need to be affirmed, to know we are not alone—that we are valued,” she says. “This award makes you realise people notice your behaviour and appreciate being cared about.

“In my area of the college, I often see staff doing this for both each other and their students.”

The lockdowns have brought huge pressures to staff and students alike.

“You just get up and keep going,” Julie says.

Her optimism is also boosted by a good dose of the great outdoors. On really busy days this can be the backyard, but what she loves most is a bike ride to the nearest expanse of water.

“I worry about my students sitting in a front of a screen all day,” she says. “I try and encourage them to get outside to do the same.”

Now there’s a great tip for Wellbeing Week.

Congratulations Julie!